Books for Younger Readers

Albert and the Garden of Doom book cover

Albert and the Garden of Doom

Take one football-mad boy, then add a spooky next door neighbour, and what do you have? A recipe for a great adventure……

Demolition Dad book cover

Demolition Dad

A father. A son. A dream to be the worlds greatest wrestler. It’s ‘Danny, The Champion Of The World’, but with a lot more spandex!

Elsie and The Magic Biscuit Tin

Elsie and The Magic Biscuit Tin

One girl, one wish, one whole garden of chocolatey goodness. What could possibly go wrong…?

Superhero Street book cover

Superhero Street

Mouse wants to be a superhero more than anything else. But is his dream about to turn into a nightmare?

The War Next Door book cover

The War Next Door

Masher Milner is the local bully, but when unicycling circus performer Jemima Jessop moves in next door, he might just have met his match.
Get ready for a war like never before!

Superdad’s Day Off book cover

Superdad’s Day Off

Stanley’s dad is a superhero, and boy, does it make him tired?
So when dad finally has a day off, it’s up to Stanley to step up, and become a hero in his own right…

Grandad’s Medal

Grandad’s Medal

Marvin and his granddad go on endless adventures together, but how can he be brave when the old man is no longer there for him? An early reader about grief and loss.

Scaredy Cat, Scaredy Cat book cover

Scaredy Cat, Scaredy Cat

Kay is scared of everything, but not of a mysterious old man, who moves in down the street. He couldn’t be a wizard, could he??

The Unlucky Eleven book cover

The Unlucky Eleven

Stanley’s football team have gone from heroes to zeroes – they can’t win a match.
So when his teammates start to think they’re cursed, it’s up to Stanley to save the day (and win the last match of the season)!

Get Me Out of Here! book cover

Get Me Out of Here!

Danny Mack is about to go on the school trip of his dreams, or so he thinks…because his WILD OUT experience is about to become a NIGHTMARE!

Albert Johnson & The Buns of Steel book cover

Albert Johnson & The Buns of Steel

When his dad’s baking machine turns into a rampaging robot hellbent on revenge, it’s up to sport-mad Albert to save the day!

Edgar And Adolf book cover

Edgar And Adolf

Inspired by real life footballing heroes, this is the story of a friendship that spanned many decades and one terrible war.

The Dog Who Saved The World (Cup) book cover

The Dog Who Saved The World (Cup)

Based on not one, but two true stories, this is the tale of Pickles, a remarkable and resilient dog, and his brave owner, Elsie.

 book cover

When The Sky Falls

When the sirens wail, and the bombs start to fall, will a twelve year-old boy pull the trigger on the one thing in his life to show him love?

I Broke The Internet! book cover

I Broke The Internet!

The second collaboration with SAS hero, Andy McNab, and another mad-cap school trip gone wrong!

Books for Young Adults

Being Billy book cover

Being Billy

Unloved and unloveable, Billy has been written off by everyone who knows him. But Billy has guts and determination, and with everything that’s about to happen to him, he’s going to need it…

Saving Daisy book cover

Saving Daisy

Daisy is losing everyone around her and thinks it all her fault. But Daisy is worth saving, if only she’ll let someone in…

Heroic book cover


Inspired by S.E. Hinton’s Classic, ‘The Outsiders’, this is a story of brotherhood, and how for many soldiers, the real battle starts when they return home.

Bubble Wrap Boy book cover

Bubble Wrap Boy

Charlie’s problems are way bigger than he is. He’s small, clumsy and has on over-protective mum watching his every move. But Charlie has a plan, a plan that might just make him feel ten feet tall…

Mind The Gap book cover

Mind The Gap

When Mikey’s dad dies, he feels he loses everything.
Can his best friend do the impossible, and find a way of bringing part of him back?