Location Location location….

…well this is all very nice isn’t it?

Who’d have thought it, my own site…

A lot of exciting things are happening, smashing christmas presents, Singin’ in the Rain on the telly box, and my book starting to appear in the shops.

I’ve poppd in to a couple of fabulous bookstores to sign copies already, a brilliantly surreal feeling, and like any paranoid want-to-be writer, been carefully plotting the books rise and fall in the amazon chart. So far, peaking at 11,466! (note to self, must get a life…)

I really do love this rather snazzy site, put together by my good friend and ever-so-patient designer, Jason. He’s done a cracking job hasn’t he? Don’t let the fact that he supports the Aussie cricket team put you off, he’s a mighty talented man…

So I’ll be doing my best to keep updating the blog as we go, especially with official publication of the book looming. It’s a big month, and one I’m determined to enjoy, not worry about!

Anyway, enough waffle from me. Take a look around the place while you’re here, don’t laugh at the photos and put the door on the latch when you’ve finished….oh and come back whenever you like….


  1. Lovely new site Phil. I like it a lot… x

  2. m.clarke

    Very snazzy site! Looking forward to reading the book – is it going to be kindled?

  3. phil Earle (Author)

    Hello, thanks both, yes it’s going to be on kindle. It does come up under the normal pb edition on amazon….glad you both like the site!

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