My New Book and Why I Wrote It

This is my first video blog, so no laughing! But I’m trying to get across why I’m trying to write my new book…


  1. Nice job Phil! First vlogs aren’t always easy. The new book sounds great :)

  2. Tracy Hager

    Well Phil, first thing, I think you’re a natural blogger. Second this book sounds fantastic. Curious – have you been to Wooton Bassett? If not, I’d be happy to arrange a visit as it’s one of our libraries. The town stops everything for the parades/processions. I’m really looking forward to the emotional bond that I always have with your characters.

  3. Sounds great Phil. Afghanistan is very much a relevant topic for a YA novel: the shattering impact it can have on an ordinary family’s lives is an important thing for teenagers to read about.

    I’m about 30k in to a 65-70k book as well, but have no ten week deadline to tie me down (unless my agent hurries me up, which I’m hoping she won’t). Good luck with it!

  4. David Sinden

    Phil, there are many narcissistic authors banging on about the latest this or that that they have to offer – and you are NOT one of them. I really hope the next 10 weeks prove fruitful. This is exactly the way to blog – no frills, short, and about what you are about with no gimmicks.
    Longevity is yours.

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