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The simplest, most mundane events in life can spark a new adventure. There is wonderful drama in our everyday lives, waiting for us to write about...

Illustrations/characters © Jamie Littler and Sara Ogilvie

Inspiring children at school and libraries across the world

"Engaging, inspiring and accessible, Phil manages to do the impossible: he manages to make each individual child feel as though they themselves are writers. A great event."
Tamar Macfarlane, Tales of Moon Lane Bookshop

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"Phil was fantastically inspirational, showing the students that anyone can write"
Helen Cossey, Little Heath school, Reading

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Latest book for Younger Readers

When The Sky Falls book cover

When The Sky Falls

When the sirens wail, and the bombs start to fall, will a twelve year-old boy pull the trigger on the one thing in his life to show him love?

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Latest book for Young Adults

Mind The Gap book cover

Mind The Gap

When Mikey’s dad dies, he feels he loses everything. Can his best friend do the impossible, and find a way of bringing part of him back?

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