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The simplest, most mundane events in life can spark a new adventure. There is wonderful drama in our everyday lives, waiting for us to write about...

Illustrations/characters © Jamie Littler and Sara Ogilvie

Inspiring children at school and libraries across the world

"Engaging, inspiring and accessible, Phil manages to do the impossible: he manages to make each individual child feel as though they themselves are writers. A great event."
Tamar Macfarlane, Tales of Moon Lane Bookshop

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"Phil was fantastically inspirational, showing the students that anyone can write"
Helen Cossey, Little Heath school, Reading

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Latest book for Younger Readers

Demolition Dad

Demolition Dad

Inspired by a lifelong love of wrestling, this is the perfect book for fans of Roald Dahl. It's "Danny, The Champion of the World"… but with a lot more spandex!

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Latest book for Young Adults

Bubble Wrap Boy

The Bubble Wrap Boy

Charlie isn't the only one in his family hiding a massive secret, and his next discovery will change everything.

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