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“Phil was fantastically inspirational, showing the students that anyone can write and proving it by the work that they were each able to produce. We loved him, the students loved him, and he loved the biscuits!”

Helen Cossey, Little Heath School, Reading

I believe we are surrounded by stories, every day of our lives. All we have to do is keep our eyes and ears open, because even the simplest or most mundane events can spark off a new adventure. An adventure we are compelled to re-tell.

Speaking to students is something I absolutely love doing. For me, it’s as enjoyable as writing the books themselves.

For your pupils it offers the chance to understand how I go about writing, what inspired me to start in the first place, and where ideas for stories come from. Hopefully, by the end of

each interactive session, they’ll feel as enthusiastic about creative

writing and literacy as I do.

I also love facilitating creative writing sessions with smaller groups

of students. It’s a real buzz for them to walk away after an hour

with a story of their own creation.

If you are interested in me visiting your school, library or festival,

or if you are interested in virtual events, please do get in touch

for fees and availability.

I’m really happy to work with students of all abilities and needs and have extensive experience of working in SEN settings.

“Phil had his Year 8 audience’s rapt attention throughout: no small feat! Highly recommended, and we’ll certainly be inviting him back.”
Joe Humphreys, Surbiton School


'Phil’s event is one of the best! He pitches his talk at exactly the right level to engage and inspire all pupils from the most reluctant to the most voracious reader. It’s not often that you find an author who can deliver a gritty, brilliant novel and an excellent event but Phil’s managed it. I would strongly recommend him to any school.’
Beth Bottery, Schools Events Manager, Scottish Book Trust


“A recent visit from Phil, with his mix of gentle humour and hard hitting stories, inspired the children in ways a display of paperbacks could never do. Phil engaged the children effortlessly, adapting to the varying needs of different year groups 7 to 10. He was able to captivate the attention of our more reluctant readers and keen authors alike. The pupils loved him and are already asking me when he’s coming back!”
Juliette Orlowska, Hull Collegiate School


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