• Get Me Out Of Here!

Get Me Out of Here!

Danny Mack is about to go on the school trip of his dreams, or so he thinks…because his WILD OUT experience is about to become a NIGHTMARE!

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  • the-unlucky-eleven-200x267

The Unlucky Eleven

Stanley’s football team have gone from heroes to zeroes – they can’t win a match.
So when his teammates start to think they’re cursed, it’s up to Stanley to save the day (and win the last match of the season)!

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  • scaredy-cat-scaredy-cat-200x300

Scaredy Cat, Scaredy Cat

Kay is scared of everything, but not of a mysterious old man, who moves in down the street. He couldn’t be a wizard, could he??

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  • grandads-medal-200x300

Grandad’s Medal

Marvin and his granddad go on endless adventures together, but how can he be brave when the old man is no longer there for him? An early reader about grief and loss.

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  • superdads-day-off-200x267

Superdad’s Day Off

Stanley’s dad is a superhero, and boy, does it make him tired?
So when dad finally has a day off, it’s up to Stanley to step up, and become a hero in his own right…

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  • the-war-next-door-200x300

The War Next Door

Masher Milner is the local bully, but when unicycling circus performer Jemima Jessop moves in next door, he might just have met his match.
Get ready for a war like never before!

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  • mouse-cutout-med

Superhero Street

Meet Mouse. Plain old Michael J Mouse, ignored by his parents, overlooked by his friends.
Meet Mouse the Mighty. Boy Wonder and defender of the universe!

Illustrations/characters © Sara Ogilvie
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  • elsie-biscuits

Elsie and The Magic Biscuit Tin

Elsie loves chocolate, so when she’s granted a wish, there’s only one thing she wants: to turn everything she touches into chocolate. It should be heavenly, but is it…?

Illustrations/characters © Jamie Littler
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  • Demo-Dad-Statue

Demolition Dad

Jake and his dad have a secret. By day George Biggs knocks down buildings, but at the weekends he’s the Master of Disaster, King of Sting, wrestler extraordinaire, the one and only Demolition Man!

Illustrations/characters © Sara Ogilvie
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  • albert-wizard_02

Albert and the Garden of Doom

Albert LOVES football. But he HATES the Garden of Doom next door. He’s always kicking his footballs into it, and he can’t go and get them back – Mr Creaky lives next door, and Albert is terrified of him.

Illustrations/characters © Jamie Littler
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